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Xtra Mail

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Xtra Mail, offered by Spark New Zealand, is a versatile and user-friendly email service tailored to meet the communication needs of their customers. As a feature-rich platform, Xtra Mail allows users to effortlessly create and manage personalised email accounts, integrating seamlessly with their Spark internet and mobile plans.

With a robust set of tools for sending, receiving, and organising emails, along with user-friendly customisation options, Xtra Mail provides a reliable and efficient solution for staying connected and organised in the digital world.

Strengths and Features of Xtra Mail


Xtra Mail is thoughtfully designed for simplicity, providing users with a clean and uncluttered view on both PC and phone. Its intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface ensures effortless email management for users of all experience levels. The user-friendly layout allows individuals to compose, reply to, and organise emails with ease, eliminating unnecessary complexities and streamlining the email experience.

Rich Text, Filtering, and Forwarding

Xtra Mail is packed with an array of useful features that enhance the email experience. The rich text feature allows users to format their emails creatively with bold, italics, bullet points, and more, enabling expressive and professional communication.

Filtering options empower users to organise their inbox by creating rules that automatically sort incoming emails into designated folders, streamlining their workflow. Also, the forwarding feature enables users to forward specific emails to other accounts, ensuring important information can be easily shared with the right recipients.


Xtra Mail offers a generous storage allowance to meet users’ evolving needs. Users can enjoy up to 11 mailboxes, each with the capability to create up to five aliases. These aliases are perfect for segregating various aspects of users’ lives, such as personal, professional, or specific projects.

With an impressive 1TB of storage for each mailbox, individuals can securely store large amounts of emails, attachments, and multimedia files. This generous storage space also makes Xtra Mail ideal for sharing with family and friends, as users can create shared mailboxes for collaboration or archiving cherished memories.


Safety is a top priority for Xtra Mail, and as such, it is backed by New Zealand’s leading email security experts. The service employs advanced spam filters and anti-virus scanning to protect users from malicious content and potential threats. By screening incoming emails for suspicious elements, Xtra Mail ensures that users can interact with their inbox confidently and focus on what matters most without worrying about security breaches or unwanted spam.


With Xtra Mail, users gain the convenience of accessing their emails, calendars, and contacts from anywhere with an internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and never missing crucial events or appointments. Whether using a PC, smartphone, or tablet, individuals can effortlessly stay up to date with their emails and efficiently manage their schedules while on the move.

The seamless synchronisation of data across devices guarantees that any changes made on one platform instantly reflect on all others, promoting exceptional organisation and productivity, no matter where they are located.

Connection to Spark Services

Xtra Mail is tightly integrated with Spark’s internet and mobile plans, making it a popular choice for customers who want an email service that complements their existing Spark services. Customers can create Xtra Mail accounts linked to their Spark broadband or mobile accounts.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Email

Xtra Mail exemplifies an email service provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), offered exclusively to customers who subscribe to the ISP’s internet or mobile services. This type of ISP-provided email service is prevalent in numerous countries and brings advantages such as seamless integration with other offerings provided by the ISP.

Users of Xtra Mail can enjoy the convenience of a unified experience, where their email service effortlessly complements and integrates with other services provided by the ISP, streamlining their digital interactions.

Webmail and POP/IMAP Access

Xtra Mail offers web-based access, allowing users to access their emails through a web browser. Additionally, users can also configure Xtra Mail accounts using POP3 or IMAP protocols in email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird.

Migration Support

Spark New Zealand has provided support for users who wish to migrate their Xtra Mail accounts to newer platforms or services, ensuring a smooth transition for users who may wish to upgrade or change their email solutions.

Email Retention Policy

Like numerous email providers, Xtra Mail is likely to implement a retention policy that specifies the duration for which emails and data will be stored on their servers before being deleted. To comprehend the email data retention policy, users are advised to carefully review the terms and conditions provided by Xtra Mail.

Understanding this policy ensures that users are aware of how long their email data will be retained and assists them in making informed decisions about their email management and privacy.

Email Filtering

Xtra Mail enables users to set up filters and rules for automatically organising incoming emails into designated folders based on criteria such as sender, subject, keywords, or attachments. This helps keep the inbox organised and allows users to prioritize essential messages.