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We are sure that you have heard about web hosting before, but have you heard about green hosting? It may not show, but hosting a web requires a lot of energy, which mostly relies on non-renewable energy. Green hosting is a web hosting service that leaves a positive energy footprint to the environment. Companies that practice green hosting rely on renewable energy to power them and host websites around the world.

One of the leaders in the green hosting industry is a company called the GreenGeeks. As a green hosting company, they have shown that green hosting companies can compete with the best web hosting companies out there. The following article will be a complete review about GreenGeeks, stay tuned!

About GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is a green hosting company based in Los Angeles. The company was founded by Trey Gardner, an expert who has worked for 8 different leaders in the web hosting industry (HostPapa, iPage,iPowerweb,etc). After 13 years of operation, GreenGeeks has received multiple awards, serving over 50 000 customers with more than 600 000 websites hosted. Their green hosting system managed to save them at least 615 000 KWH of energy each year.

Hosting Plans

GreenGeeks take pride in being one of the best web hosts in the world, particularly in the green hosting industry. While many things that the company’s commitment to stay green may backfire, they actually offers an excellent web hosting service, divided into 3 plan as follows:

Hundreds of features you need starting at just $2.49/month!

GreenGeeks also offer wordpress, managed VPS and reseller web hosting.

Reasons to use GreenGeeks

Obviously, using GreenGeeks means you will contribute in reducing environmental footprint caused by website hosting, but there are many more reasons for you to use GreenGeeks:

  • Reliable Uptime

When it comes to choosing a web hosting service, uptime is the most important factor that you should look for. Uptime simply means the amount of time your website will be online, having a low and unreliable uptime will most likely reduce the satisfaction of your website’s visitors. GreenGeeks uptime has been tested for a year and it managed to average at 99.95% each month, a really high result considering it is impossible to reach 100% uptime.

  • Quick Loading Time

Websites hosted by GreenGeeks are known to have a relatively quicker loading time compared to other websites. The speed may fluctuate a bit but always stays above 477ms consistently.

  • Excellent Customer Service

You can always rely on GreenGeeks customer service who will reply your inquiries within minutes through the live chat feature.

  • Free Perks

GreenGeeks plan often includes free perks such as free domain name and website migration.

  • Environment Friendly

As we have mentioned repeatedly, GreenGeeks relies on renewable energy to power their web hosting facility, it leaves 0 environment footprint in which you can contribute by using GreenGeeks instead of other web hosting services.

  • Affordable Prices

GreenGeeks may not necessarily be the cheapest in the industry, but they certainly offers competitive price with excellent quality.

Try Green Geeks

Green Geeks offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied – simply receive your money back.

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    I been a customer for a couple years. Happy with my website’s uptime/speeds.

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